Product Information and Other Services

Q: Why are the product weight so high?

A: The weight you see next to the product consists of:

- the weight of the item
- the original packaging
- part of the postage packaging

This is the weight that delivery fees are calculated.

Q: How accurate is the product weights, measurements and thicknesses shown on your website?

A: If possible, products information are obtained directly from the manufacturers. Although we do our best to ensure that the information is as accurate as possible, we are unable to completely rule out mistakes or discrepancies. As such, all product descriptions are given as is and this includes measurements such as blade Weight & Thickness which are given as an approximation with a ± percentage error factor.

If you have a more specific requirement that you are looking for, please email or leave a comment for us and we will do our best to select you the most suitable item that matches those measurements.

Q: Do you provide free gluing service?

A: Yes free gluing service is provided for the products purchased from our website. As gluing is a FREE service, we DO NOT provide any form of compensations should this service is mistakenly not performed or if the rubber comes off for whatever reasons.

Q: What kind of glue do you use to glue the rubbers to the blade?

A: We only use Water Based glue for the gluing of the rubbers to the blade. We normally use Andro Free Glue, Stiga Attach Power Glue or Xiom I Bond.

Q: Do you provide free lacquering service?

A: Yes free lacquering service is provided upon request. As lacquering is a FREE service, we DO NOT provide any form of compensations should this service is mistakenly not performed or performed in a manner that is not within your expectation.

Q: What kind of lacquer do you use?

A: We use the Xiom I-Sure lacquer or any table tennis branded lacquer specially made for table tennis blades.

Q: Do you provide Team T-Shirt Printing?

A: Due to great demands, we now offer a Club T-Shirt Printing service. You can have printed:

- Your name
- Club or team name
- Sponsor's name

What to do:

- Select your T-Shirt
- Select Printing option (BACK print only or both FRONT & BACK)
Email or add in the comments section your print text
NOTE: Only one word/line of text per FRONT/BACK print

Please allow extra time for printing (3-5 days), this will delay your order slightly.