Order processing and despatch

Q: When will my order be processed?

A: Your orders will be dispatched promptly when all items of your order are available and when we haved received confirmation of payments

You can check the status of all your orders via your members area.

Q: How long will my order take to arrive?

A: See Shipping and Return.

Q: Tracking number and tracking sites?

A: See Order Tracking Sites.

Q: My order did not arrive, what now?

A: When goods are handed over to the Postal/Delivery Service, responsibilities are transferred to them. The information that we can obtain after the handover is limited to the online tracking information provided by the Postal/Delivery service. Not all Postal/Delivery service maintains a tracking website with up-to-date information.

There are times in which orders can be delayed due to: Public holidays, Industrial strikes or is being held by customs for inspection.

Please contact us if your order has not arrive so we can request the Postal/Delivery service to perform a trace of the package. A formal package trace normally takes up to three months.

Q: Is there a charge for refunds / cancellations?

A: Yes, there is a small fee for any cancellations, partial cancellations or refunds. The fee will be 6 percent (6%) of the total value to be partially refunded, refunded or cancelled.

This is an administrative cost that payment processors charge us each time we refund money back to our customers. Please note that there will not be any charges if Paypal is selected as the payment processor.

Please make sure you are satisfied before placing your orders. We will gladly help you in any ways possible to make your decisions.

Q: What are the return policies and damaged goods?

A: See Shipping and Return.

NOTE: With regards to racquet strings, due to their nature, we cannot guarantee their durability or of any premature breakage which may occur.