Account Registration and Cookies

Q: I cannot complete my membership registration

A: Please check that you have compeleted all fields requested.

Q: My country of residence is not listed in registration form's country list

A: If your country of residence is not in the country list of the registration form, then we regret that we are unable to provide our services to your country at the present time, due to certain logitical and security reasons. Please send us an email if you feel that our decisions are premature. We are flexible and will reconsider our choices on a country-by-country basis. If you still find that you are unable to register after this, please try again later, as it maybe due to temporary technical problems.

Q: My basket content is empty. Do I enable cookies?

A: For your basket to work, you must enable cookies on your browser. This just allows us to keep track of your purchases while you are on our site. We DO NOT hold any information of a personal nature in the cookies. The information stored is only for the time that you are surfing through the pages.