Only BLADES and RUBBERS of eligible brands qualifies for the preSports Volume Discount.

BUTTERFLY and NITTAKU products are currently NOT eligible for the preSports Volume Discount.

Your order is eligible for the preSports Volume Discount if the total value of your order, EXCLUDING POSTAGE, is of the following value:

Order value more that RM400.00 - 5% discount (e-voucher code: VD5)
Order value more that RM800.00 - 10% discount (e-voucher code: VD10)
Order value more that RM1200.00 - 15% discount (e-voucher code: VD15)

Your order can contain any product type/category but only Blades and Rubbers of eligible brands in the order are eligible for the volume discount.

The value of all items, regardless of product type/category, in your order will be used determine the total value of your order. This total value will in turn be used to determine the discount rate eligible for the order.

Only ONE Volume Discount e-voucher can be used per order.

If your order is eligible for the Volume Discount, please ensure that the correct e-voucher is used during checkout. reserves the right not to allow the discount, if the Volume Discount e-voucher was not keyed in during checkout or if an incorrect Volume Discount e-voucher was used. Under special circumstances and at their sole discretion, preSports may provide a refund but in the form of another e-voucher. reserves the right to change this Terms and Conditions at any time with its terms effective immediately as they are posted on the site.

By taking advantage of this offer, you accept and agree to the above Terms and Conditions.