How do I obtain and use my reward points?

Step 1: Make a purchase on our website.

The reward points that can be collected from each product are displayed on the page for each individual product (FIGURE 1).

Product's reward points


Step 2: View your Reward Points.

Once you have placed an order, you will be able to find out the points you have collected via your LOYALTY PROGRAM REWARDS ACCOUNT. To access your REWARDS ACCOUNT, click on the "YOUR ACCOUNT" link located on the top right hand side of the webpage (FIGURE 1). You need to log in to your account to see this link. Once the account menu appears (FIGURE 2), click on the "MY REWARDS ACCOUNT" link.

My Accounts


Step 3: Convert your Reward Points into a voucher.

The "MY REWARDS ACCOUNT" page displays the following details (FIGURE 3):

1. TOTAL REWARDS - total rewards collected.
2. ALREADY CONVERTED - reward points that has already been converted to voucher.
3. AVAILABLE - reward points available for conversion to voucher.
4. AWAITING VALIDATION - reward points awaiting validation and cannot be converted for the time being.
5. EVENT - shows the events that resulted in the award of the reward points.
6. DATE - date when the event took place.
7. REWARD - reward points collected for each event.

The status of the reward points for a recently placed order will be AWAITING VALIDATION. Reward points with this status CANNOT be converted to a voucher yet.

Once you have received your order, PLEASE EMAIL US ( to let us know that you have received your order so we can validate your reward points. We will then set your reward points status to AVAILABLE. Reward points with this status CAN be converted into a voucher.

If reward points are available for conversion, a yellow colored button will appear at the bottom of the "MY REWARDS ACCOUNT" page (FIGURE 3). Please note that a minimum value of RM10.00 (or its equivalent in other currencies i.e. AUD3.50, GBP2.00, CAD3.30, EUR2.40, NZD3.90, USD3.20 or JPY321.00, subject to currency fluctuation) is required before the loyalty points can be converted into a voucher. The conversion button will not appear until this minimum amount is reached. Click this button to convert the reward points into a voucher. Once the voucher has been created, it can be use to make a purchase on our website. A voucher is VALID for 90 days from the day it was created.

After conversion, the status for the reward points will be set to ALREADY CONVERTED.

My Rewards Account


Step 4: View your vouchers.

You can view the vouchers that have been created at the MY VOUCHERS page. To access this page, go to "MY ACCOUNT" page and click on the MY VOUCHERS link (FIGURE 2).

The "MY VOUCHERS" page displays the following details (FIGURE 4):

1. CODE - the voucher code to be used during checkout.
2. DESCRIPTION - the desciption of the voucher.
3. Quantity - the quantity of the voucher.
4. VALUE - the value of the voucher.
5. MINIMUM - the minimum value of your order before the voucher can be used.
6. CUMULATIVE - yes if it can be used together with other vouchers, otherwise no.
7. EXPIRATION DATE - expiration date of the voucher.

My Vouchers Account


Step 5: Use your voucher.

To use a voucher during checkout, enter the voucher code into the voucher box in the checkout page as shown in FIGURE 5. More than one voucher can be used per order.