Order Tracking Sites

The Reference Number is ONLY for proof of dispatch & delivery.

Please note...

  • Tracking data are NOT always updated by each Country's postal service.
  • Tracking data only appear when it is at a major postal exchange.
  • Your number DO exists and is CORRECT even if the tracking site says otherwise.
  • Postal flights can be routed through other Countries, so do not be concerned if it is logged in another country.


Sample Track CodeTracking Site Links
RV111222888HKHK Post Website

NB: No need to select country
RA111222888DEDHL Global Site ->'Mail'->'Mail Essentials'->'Track & Trace'->'Parcel: Single Inquiry'

NB: Try dispatch date ± 2 days
RA111222888TWTaiwan Post -> 'International Letters Tracking Service'

CP098882277MYMalaysian REGISTERED POST

Poslaju (Malaysian EXPRESS SERVICE)

NB: Malaysian Post tracking website is not always up-to-date

(12 digits)
Local Malaysian AIRPAK EXPRESS
144 1537 576

(10 digits)

(12 digits)


Once it arrives in your Country, you can try using your own National Postal System to track e.g. Royal Mail (UK), USPS (USA), Correios (Brazil) etc. Others Listed HERE

For all other codes without ending characters, try DHL Global then HK Post.